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Gum disease and systemic diseases concern your Kennesaw dentist

Although we consistently hear about products designed to handle oral care, gum disease is commonly disregarded as a serious oral problem. In fact, the CDC reports that half of all American adults will develop gum disease at some point in time. The older we get, the higher these statistics climb, reaching over 70 percent after the age of 65. At 32 Dental, we take gum disease seriously, and act quickly to treat any signs of this hazardous oral condition.

You see, the presence of gum disease for any length of time could affect systemic diseases that rob you of optimal health and wellbeing. In our Kennesaw dental practice, we seek to guard our patients' health by working to prevent the onset of gum disease. We encourage patients to brush and floss at least twice a day, demonstrating the proper brushing techniques when needed. The goal of brushing is not only to leave teeth shiny and your breath fresh, but also to remove the bacteria that can wreak havoc on both the gums and the body.

The mouth-body connection

Results of scientific research point to inflammation as the connection between bacteria and systemic conditions linked to gum disease. Bacteria live at and below the gum line and consume sugars left behind after meals and snacks. Consequently, an acid waste is released where it can continually eat away healthy gum tissue. Because of this process, the body's natural inflammatory response kicks in. Though caused by gum disease, our inflammatory response affects the whole body.

A second pathway for oral bacteria to affect the body is through the blood. Bacteria are alive and well in gum disease, a condition that breaks down healthy tissues to the point where blood can be noticed after brushing. Through the openings created, bacteria enter the bloodstream and travel to other vital organs. Researchers studying heart disease have identified periodontal bacteria where one might least expect it, in atherosclerotic plaque, the type that clogs the arteries in the heart.

As research continues to indicate oral health affects overall health, we continue to work with patients on the prevention and treatment of gum disease. This harmful condition is easily recognized in its early stages during routine dental examinations, allowing us to perform conservative cleanings and treatment, which may include antibiotics. Early treatment stops gingivitis from progressing to full-blown gum disease, saving your beautiful smile as well as your health.

Gum disease is treatable, and we have the experience to provide successful treatment. Contact 32 Dental today for your dental examination.
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5 Star
  • Thirty-Two Dental
    Rating : 5

    Dr. Vo and Dr. Breckly are absolutely fantastic! Never worry about another painful trip to the dentist if you are going to see them. They make sure you are never in any pain throughout the entire procedure. I just had my wisdom teeth removed and Dr. Vo did a fabulous job, as always. I had four impacted wisdom teeth and they were out before I knew it. I was up and eating solid food the very same day, and could have been back at work if I needed to. My stitches fell out within a few days and everything healed up much faster than any of my friends who saw other doctors. I stayed awake for the procedure, and I would say that it definitely is much better than being put to sleep. It has a faster heal time and less discomfort. My face honestly didn't even swell. I've gone to Dr. Vo and Breckly for minor things before and they have always been amazing, but after my great experience with something more major, I know they are by far the two of the best dentists, I have ever seen.
  • Rating: 5
    Dr. Vo and Dr. Berkley are the ONLY dentists we see. Dr. Vos taken care of my parents, my husband, our daughter and son, and myself for the past 7 years. We love the care and the personal relationship she establishes with her patients. She takes the time to get to know us, our families, our dental concerns, which is NOT the usual in the business.Thank you for everything. Dr. Berkley is very attentive and gently with my children. We came in for a cleaning yesterday and they did great under his medical care. The staff is extremely professional and willing to help. Amazing team. If you have been afraid of the dentist, check them out and theyll change your mind about dentistry.
  • Rating: 5
    My family and I love Dr. Vo. I would suggest this practice to anyone who wants a dentist and staff that truly care about your health and will go above and beyond the typical dentist. I followed Dr. Vo from a previous office, and although this office is farther away, it is worth it because of how caring the staff is.
  • Rating: 5
    Switched to 32 dental after Dr. Breckley left Dr. Goetees practice. Great staff, and nice space. They use the latest technologies and have K cups in the waiting room!
  • Rating: 5
    Dr. Vo is fantastic. She is patient, knowledgeable, and excellent at her job, and most importantly, she takes time to answer your questions and explain any concerns she has about your teeth, so you really know what\'s going on. It inspires me to take better care of my teeth. By far, she is the best dentist I have been been to, and I highly recommend her. No more of those dime-a-dozen dentists for me!
  • Rating: 5
    Liked: Dr vo is awesome, Service, Staff
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