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Great staff... Dr. Lan Vo does excellent work and most of all...painless. Didn't have to wait for her to do the work...she and her staff got me right in at my appointment time without any delays...wonderful dentist ! Thanks again Dentures Kennesaw - Right Quote

~ Scott H

When teeth are missing, either from extractions, natural loss, or from the unwanted effects of periodontal disease, our patients have a few options to consider as a form of replacement. Restorative prostheses such as dentures are often the first consideration, as they are fast, affordable and an effective way of restoring one's original, natural smile.

Dentures or partials are removable appliances that replace the missing teeth. Full dentures are adhered to the gums in order to keep them in place during the day, and give the appearance of natural-looking teeth, as well as the functionality of your original teeth for biting and chewing. Dentures and partial dentures are the typical solution for those who have lost a tooth or teeth, but eventually they may be ready to switch to something more permanent and stable. Although dentures are often associated with the elderly, individuals of all ages may end up with partial or full dentures due to extractions, loss of teeth due to trauma, or as a result of severe periodontal disease.

The next step up from dentures and partial dentures are implant overdentures. An overdenture is made by placing two or more implants into the jawbone and “snapping” a removable denture onto the implants. This stabilizes the denture and allows the patient to eat and chew better. This is one of our common recommendations for patients, based on previous experiences and the comfort level that our patients have reported after the treatment. They love the retention and stability that they receive from wearing overdentures, and they find them to be a more affordable alternative to replacing all of their teeth with dental implants and crowns.

If you are considering methods in which to improve the look of your smile after the loss of your teeth, call 32 Dental today to schedule a consultation and determine the best way to regain the appearance of your beautiful, natural smile!
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Dr. Vo and Dr. Berkley are the ONLY dentists we see. Dr. Vos taken care of my parents, my husband, our daughter and son, and myself for the past 7 years. We love the care and the personal relationship she establishes with her patients. She takes the time to get to know us, our families, our dental concerns, which is NOT the usual in the business.Thank you for everything. Dr. Berkley is very attentive and gently with my children. We came in for a cleaning yesterday and they did great under his medical care. The staff is extremely professional and willing to help. Amazing team. If you have been afraid of the dentist, check them out and theyll change your mind about dentistry. ~ F. Davidson

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